We at psience are not held responsible for any damage, injury or death that may occur when practicing these abilities and energies, these are very powerful and can, will and have hurt people and objects before, to the point of death. BE CAREFUL!

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Dedicated to the research and learning of mental abilities, practice the supernatural here!

Getting started

Each page will have instructions on how to get started, as well as techniques to help you along the way, as well as guides on starting basic psionics, or research guides on how to do you own independant research and how to contribute, this wiki is based upon the Soul energy school of thought .

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The rules are pretty much common sense, and each warrant 2 warnings before a one day ban, followed by a week ban, followed by a month, followed by a permanent ban.

  • No bullying, harassment, sexism or racism of ANY kind.
  • Death threats will have serious action taken against, and reported to the wiki staff. NO DEATH THREATS
  • Arguments are needed in order to learn and discuss subjects, but please don't try and offend the other.
  • Any vandalism to the pages will be met with a one month ban.
  • Any spamming will be met with a week ban.

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