EC = Energetically controlled. 

An EC drone is a type of solid energy construct you control via your mind. Setting one up can be difficult but can have long term benefits. Depending on how you set it up you could be able to spy on people, change the weather or scan for energy points. What they can do depends on how skilled you are at creating energy circuits and machinery.

The PartsEdit

Some of the basic parts are:

  • Core
  • Signal reciever
  • Signal transmitter
  • Battery
  • Wings, Arms, Legs, wheels, etc.
  • Visual module

and so on. If you wanted to create a advanced spy plane EC drone, you would first create the basic shape, or framework. Then you would start adding the basic parts, like the Core, battery, Signal reciever and transmitter, the visual module and the propulsion. Then you could start shelling it.

Full Parts listEdit


  • Core
  • Battery
  • Wheels or wings
  • An engine
  • Signal reciever
  • Signal transmitter
  • Framework

Optional but recommended Edit

  • Vision module (To look through, as if you are inside of it.)
  • Sound module (To listen to the sounds as if you are inside of the construct.)
  • Energy spike (To gather atmospheric energy, lessening the time before a refuel is required.)
  • Swivel energy cannon (To fire energy projectiles.)


  • Zoom vision module upgrade (To zoom in, zooms in more depending on the skill of it's creation.)
  • Heat vision module upgrade (To see heat signatures , works better depending on the skill of it's creation.)
  • Energy vision module upgrade (To see energy, can see more energies better depending on the skill of the creation.)


  • Pin point hearing (Project hearing to a certain location, to hear a conversation for example.)
  • Frequencies (Tune in to certain frequencies.)
  • Sentient contact (Listen to ghosts or other sentient energy thoughtforms.)


  • Energy drill (Harvest more energy from energy points.)
  • Energy drain (Drain energy from entities and creatures.)


  • Needle (Close range energy construct to cause pain or damage in a precise manner.)
  • Blaster (Close to medium projectile construct, can fire energy in a wide, fanning motion for pain and damage.)
  • Rifle (Medium to long range projectile construct, can fire energy in a precise line, for damage but best for precison attacks.)
  • Beam (Close range energy beamer, can be used to beam energy in a wide fanning motion to stimulate peoples and animals nociceptors, can be used for pain and death. Or to beam a certain type of energy, e.g, electricity, heat etc.)


  • EMP (Can emit electrical energy to disrupt electrical devices in a radius.)


  • Wheels
  • Engines
  • Hoverplate
  • Rotors
  • Wings
  • Legs